Database Publishing on the Web

    The Web is truly a hot topic these days. One reason for that, is how easy it is to publish all kinds of information, making it available to people all around the world.

    Why publish on the Web?

    The main advantage of database publishing on the Web is great publicity and low cost. It means that frequent updates are easy to implement, and your information source is therefore more likely to attract visitors on regular basis. Also, people are more willing to do business with companies that provide detailed, up-to-date information on products and services they have to offer.

    If you are an owner of an information source or database that you would like to publish on the Web, then we can help.

    How is it done?

    Often, all it takes is one or two programs that read the database and convert it into pages for the Web. The structure of these pages can range from simple to very complicated, with references to other pages, either internal or to pages anywhere you like on the Web. Therefore, the work involved depends heavily on the programming complexity, what kind of presentation is required and so on. The program(s) may need occasional changes, but in most cases they can be run for months or even years without any maintenance.

    What should be published?

    Many databases and information sources are suitable for Web publishing. Actually, there are almost no limits to what can be published or how it may be presented. Your pages can include pictures, graphics, logos and even sound- and video clips to make them more attractive. The following information categories are only few of the possibilities:
    • Newsletters
    • Newspapers and Magazines
    • Product catalogs and price lists
    • Product availability
    • Instructions manuals
    • Member lists
    • Schedules for airlines, ferries, buses, etc.
    • TV and Radio programs
    • Repertoire of theaters and cinemas
    • State of affairs in contests and sports roundups
    • Available timeslots in rental of instruments, cars, houses, etc.
    • ... and other "live" information sources

    To make your information available to the Internet public, you will have to rent a space on a Web-server. Many of the tasks involved are listed on our Web Design page. From then on, it's up to you how often (or seldom) you will update your pages on the Web.

    Other options

    If you are willing to provide more specific services to your audience, then many options are available. For example you can set up forms, queries, membership registration and even order taking over the net. Naturally, it requires more programming, and special agreement with the owner of the Web-server you will be using. In some cases you may have to set up your own server!

    How much does it cost?

    For cost of basic Web presence, see the cost section in our page on Web design page.

    The time it takes to create your database publishing programs varies greatly. It can range from 5-6 hours up to tens or even hundreds of hours, all depending on the size and complexity of your web. We set up an hourly charge of 90 USD, so the cost can range from 500 USD upward. If you wish, we can also analyse your requirements and make you a fixed price offer. The analysis usually takes several hours or even less.

    Are you interested in publishing your database on the Web? If so, send us a message. Although we may by physically remote, we are "cybercally" close!

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