Web Design

The World Wide Web (or simply the Web) on the Internet is one of the hottest topics in the world these days. There are many reasons for this; one being how easy and inexpensive it is to give your company world wide publicity. Those who jump early on the WWW bandwagon get more attention and improve their image compared to their rivals.

What is a Home Page?

A home page is the first page that your customers or prospects see on the World Wide Web when they "pay you a visit". By having a presence on the Web you can provide them with news, trends, contact info, product descriptions, ordering details and even some entertainment. From this page you can lead them to more detailed information about specific products or services you have to offer. The structure of these pages can range from simple to very complicated, with references to other pages, either in your own "web" or anywhere else on the Web. Therefore, your home page actually becomes a virtual entrance into your business.

How can I take part?

It's remarkably simple. The following steps are about all it takes:

  • Get an Internet account by some Internet Service Provider (ISP) in your locality. It usually includes an e-mail address.
  • Rent a space for your home page or web on the Web-server at your ISP site. In most cases you also get a Web address like www.service.com/your_company and FTP access to a home directory, so you can remotely update your pages.
  • Better yet; get your own domain, like www.your_company.com
  • Contact an advertising agency or hire a programmer to set up your web
  • Provide them with all the information you want to publish on the Web (text, photos, images and even sound-clips)
  • State your wishes, ideas and goals as clearly as possible
  • Make a contract, either for a fixed amount or based on acceptable hourly charges if the amount of work included is difficult to predict.
  • Let them program, test and fix your web until you approve
  • Make your web pages available on the Web-server
  • Publish the address of your home page (URL) as widely as possible:
    • Post a message to the various sites that maintain databases of home page addresses
    • Add your URL to regular ads in newspapers, magazines and TV
    • Mention it in your company's newsletter and brochures
    • Add it to your letterhead, envelopes and name-card
    • Send e-mail messages to your customers and friends
    • Buy some advertizing on the Internet, for example on the Pay-Per-Click search engines, like Google.
  • Voila! Now you are a prominent member of the World Wide Web club ...

What's next?

Here we can help, by doing some or even all of the tasks required. We are seasoned programmers with a lot of experience in home page design, and if need be, work in cooperation with language specialists, photographers and advertising agencies. We can set up your home page or web according to your specifications, and then help you to publish it far and wide ...

How much does it cost?

The price for an Internet account can be low as 10 USD per month. Charge for renting space on a Web-server range from 10 to 100 USD per month, so it pays to shop around.

The time it takes to set up a home page or web varies greatly, from 2-3 hours up to tens or even hundreds of hours, all depending on the complexity and size of your web. We set up an hourly charge of 90 USD, so the cost can range from 200 USD upward. But if you wish, we can also analyse your requirements and make you a fixed price offer. The analysis can take less than an hour.

If you are interested in our services, then send us a message. Even though we are located in the middle of the North-Atlantic, we can serve you just as well as if we were located across the street. Thanks to the Internet!

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