Testimonial from Martin Coetsee
From: From: "Martin Coetsee" <martin.coetsee@tiscali.co.za>
To: <sales@hugmot.is>
Date: 02/12/2005 08:08 AM
Subject: Feedback for AcuteFinder

Hello Ingolfur,

Thank you for the privilege to be a beta tester of AcuteFinder. I hope to be of some use to you in further refining great software.

I used and tested AcuteFinder fairly extensively now and find it a great program. It really can sniff out those duplicate files that just take up space on your storage media and generate a clutter in your file system.

AcuteFinder impressed me with the clean, practical and logically arranged user interface. Every action or task you want done is clearly defined and just a click away. Who needs a manual with such logic!

The feature that I find most useful is the capability to find those duplicates that have nothing in common (e.g. filename, date, etc.) except being identical in content.

There is however one feature that I think should be included. Almost every normal file operation is available fom the "Files found" window except "Rename a file". Is there a reason or was this an oversight? You can of course do the rename from the "Folder browser" window, but boy can it be a hazzle finding the specific file if you have a large directory structure with lots of files!

While on the subject, how about marking the selected file(s) in the "Folder browser" window as well whenever it is marked (selected) in the "Files found" window. This can get rid of the irritation to have a pen and notepaper handy to write down filenames.

Still, this is is the most thorough and fastest duplicate finder I could find - and I have tried quite a few!

Best regards,

Martin Coetsee. (beta tester)

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