Testimonial from Fernando Garcia
From: "Fernando Garcia" <anadatamail@gmail.com>
To: <sales@hugmot.is>
Date: 04/19/2005 06:59 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your order of AcuteFinder !

Dear Ingolfur,

This is a small note to thank you for your excellent product AcuteFinder. I have been using it for two months now in the trial version. I want to tell you I am so pleased and impressed with it that today, when my work with AcuteFinder was about to be completed, I decided to purchase a license, (order number 04132005-68680-55). I also decided to write this short note to thank you and explain the reasons for my full satisfaction. I gladly give you authorization to make public or publish this letter, or part of it, if you want to.

I bought my first computer on 1985 and many others since then. I have replaced the older model for a new one every 2 to 3 years. Older units went to my house to be used by my children and other people. With every replacement, I have made a copy of my data and then copied it back to the new PC hard drive. I suppose that most people do likewise.

I used the same procedure for old e-mail, pictures and music files. While doing this, after 20 years, my data was complete but also was a mess distributed in 8 different drives. This year was the time to buy a new PC and I decided to reorganize my system and put together all data stored in the different drives. There were more than 100,000 files in 65 Mb. Considering this, you can easily may realize that without AcuteFinder, or a similar product, it would be an almost undoable task, unless I should spend plenty of time doing it manually and with dubious results.

I worked for more than six weeks and it were hard and time consuming, but without your AcuteFinder it should be a mission just impossible to succeed.

The before mentioned comments about AcuteFinder, are related to the particular described conditions that prevailed while using it. Thanks again and keep up with such a nice and useful piece of work.

Yours, very truly,
Fernando Garcia

These are my remarks (they are concerned with the particular job I realized with AcuteFinder). If the text is unclear, please ask for a more detailes:.

1. It would be very helpful for me that the first column (set) keep its color after the selection. Other columns, like path, filename, type or size, must remain as they are now.

2. Is it possible to provide the user with the ability to sort the full list of duplicate files respect to the number of duplications? It means that the user can ask AcuteFinder to present all the sets of files duplicated one time (2 files) at the top of the list, for example. Those duplicated two times (3 files) in a second term, and so on.

3. As an extension of the previous issue, can AcuteFinder provide the user with the capacity of ask the program to introduce a page break after each set of sets?

4. Can AcuteFinder provide the user with the ability to select a "master path" —where the user can locate the files with the highest priority to remain— other files will be deleted or moved. So, when a file duplication exists in the "master path" it will be located at the top (or the end) of the list.

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