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Here you can join our list of Beta-testers for AcuteFinder.

You benefit by getting a free license key, and we benefit by your feedback. We are not looking for scientific studies — we just want you to tell us how you feel about the program, which new features you would like to see, and report the errors you might encounter. Your feedback will help us to improve AcuteFinder faster than otherwise possible.

We will send you an confirmation e-mail, and a link that allows you to download the very latest development version of AcuteFinder. For more info on the current status, see the history page.

Even though the beta-version might in many ways be better than the currently released version, it still has to go through more testing and analysis. And the same applies to this version as to the official one: You are fully responsible for your actions!

Please enter your info below. We may send you an e-mail every now and then, telling you about upcoming versions, how to solve errors or circumvent problems, and so on. You can cancel your subscription at any time or update your information, using a link in the mails you receive.

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